Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gays and the BBC

The BBC has commissioned a report that says it is doing a good job portraying gay people, but could do more.

Personally I'm sick to death of the BBC's obsession with sex and sexuality, be that gay or otherwise. Do the people at the BBC really think that the population is as obsessed with sexuality as they evidently are?

I can't help wondering how gay people feel about their portrayal by the media, almost as if they are a product to be promoted rather than human beings who live lives pretty much as boring and run of the mill as the rest of us, until they close the bedroom door.

On the one hand the media promote people like Alan Carr and Graham Norton as the latter day John Inman and Larry Grayson, I won't mention the ultra camp little dancer with the terrible lisp who pops up on comedy panel shows while being not in the least funny. Almost Carry On style caricatures.

On the other hand they disproportionately promote homosexual tyrant and bigot Peter Tatchell. He who, amongst other things, loves to 'out' famous gay people whether they want to be 'outed' or not. Anybody who dares disapprove of his orthodoxy is treated with a pink Hitler style attack of hatred and venom. Don't expect to be tolerated when you are so incredibly intolerant of others. Surely 'hate crimes' work both ways, or they should.

The best thing the BBC can do, and the Labour Party come to that, is drop their politically correct obsession with sexuality. It was their obsession with race and perceived racism that encouraged the rise of the BNP, they do everybody a similar disservice obsessing about sexuality.

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