Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Bull from Aggressive Atheists!

You know when a bandwagon is building up, media whores like Stephen Fry jump onboard, which he did today via the Grauniad. Yes, he doesn't see why British taxpayers should foot the bill for the Pope's visit.

Poor Stephen, maybe he's skint! But please remember, we Roman Catholics pay tax too. Shame these 'not from my taxes' imbeciles don't shoot their mouths off so vindictively when assorted third world despots come on state visits, entertained and protected with our taxes.

Talking about third world it's been fun today seeing the media and 'aggressive atheists' twist the words of Cardinal Kasper. He told an interviewer that Terminal 3, or maybe 5, at Heathrow was like landing at a third world airport. Of course it's being reported by the BBC as shock, horror, 'Cardinal calls Britain third world'.

I haven't used Heathrow in 20 years or more. But people I know who use it regularly have also likened it to a third world airport. But eh, the Pope arrives tomorrow so let's say what the hell we want if it means slagging him and the Catholics off.

Then Cardinal Kasper is attacked for mentioning the 'aggressive atheism' that is rife in the UK. Only for aggressive atheists to attack him. You know, those who have been ranting in the media for days snow, led by aggressive atheists like Dawkins, Tatchell and now Fry.

And these people call us Catholics illogical.

But, as the Holy Father arrives in Blighty tomorrow, let's end on a high note:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if we could persuade Fry and Tatchell to perform a citizen's arrest on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president.

Gregg said...

I suspect when it came to taking a risk, rather than a cosy publicity stunt, they would lack the courage of their convictions.