Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tony Blair Cancels Book Launch!

I can just imagine Blair looking across the breakfast table and telling Cherie he's scared about his book launch party after those nasty people were horrible to him in Dublin.

After looking across the breakfast table at her ugly mug for all those years I'd have thought he could face anything. But no, Cherie looks at her very own cash cow and tells him not to worry, if it's a bit dangerous they'll cancel it.

Good job Cherie wasn't Sergeant Major B'Stard listening to Private Blair telling him why he would prefer not to have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan if Sergeant Major doesn't mind awfully.

Two faced, cowardly, hypocritical, war mongering, lying piece of shit!

I was considering advertising Blair's book for sale at £500, on the grounds that anybody stupid enough to buy it would be stupid enough to pay it. But I can't bring myself to buy a copy, even at 50% discount.

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