Sunday, September 05, 2010

Morrissey and the Chinese

Morrissey's done it again, and the Guardian reading pinko liberal misfits are spitting feathers and accusing him of racism.

If you don't know Morrissey is a musical genius and dedicated vegan and animal welfare campaigner. Personally I have no problem with eating meat, indeed foie gras is one of my favourites, and I enjoy the odd bullfight. But in a free world we are all entitled to our likes and dislikes and are free to criticise those we disapprove of.

Morrissey's mistake has been to take free speech literally, how very naive. In a magazine interview he described the Chinese, because of their appalling treatment of animals generally, in circuses especially, as 'almost a subspecies'. Fair comment in my view. Even as a dedicated meat eater there are limits and I think the Chinese, as with their human rights record, are a pretty vile mob. Their treatment of humans is what really angers me, and the fact that the pinko liberals prefer to ignore it and instead slam the USA for the odd execution just highlights the left's stinking hypocrisy.

It's worth Googling Morrissey to have a laugh at the bleeding heart liberals' response to his commonsense. Here is a good starter, The Guardian's coverage.

Here is a clip of Morrissey on meat:

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