Sunday, September 12, 2010

Papal Visit Radio Station

If you would like to follow the Papal visit, other than on the BBC, there is a dedicated Papal Visit Radio Station.

As the Project Director says below, it may not be as polished as the BBC, but I'll certainly be giving it a try other than next Sunday when I'll be at the Beatification Mass in Birmingham.

Here is the introduction from the HGUH website:

The radio station is another part of my ‘crusade’ to give Catholic young people, who have creative talent, an outlet for their gifts within the Church. HeartGivesUntoHeart (HGUH), our own Catholic community internet radio, would not exist without them. We took the decision in February to go ‘live’ for the Pope’s Visit (a full 15 months before the original schedule). Life has been manic ever since with a very steep learning curve!

I would like to dedicate the project to Pope Benedict and all the many people (some young and some not so young) who have contributed to the gigantic task of going live within a 5 month timeframe – they’ve all been fantastic. There have been so many people giving freely of their time and gifts and I would like to say "thank you" to you all.

Many of the programmes were made by young Catholics who had never done anything like it before – without their hard work and dedication this radio would not have been possible.

We may not have the polish of the BBC, but I think you’ll agree it's more than compensated by their enthusiasm, fresh thinking and vibrancy!

Thank you all

God Bless

Gerry Coates

Project Director

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