Sunday, September 05, 2010

Are You Racist? Take the Test!

Following my earlier post today, here is a test to check if you are racist or not.

The original puritans ducked women in the village pond. If they drowned they were not witches. If they didn't they were.

Today's puritans like to see racists everywhere. Are you one? Take the test and find out.

Q. Do you have any black friends?

A. No. Then you are obviously racist.
A. Yes. All racists say that. You are obviously racist.

At least a dead 'witch' had cleared her name.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gregg

After the lies UKIP spread about you they are now doing it to Nikki Sinclaire. What is wrong with them?

Like many in the northwest I left when you did. My husband is now letting his membership lapse as he is disgusted with Paul Nuttall's behaviour as an MEP, and the thought of Farage leading them again was the final straw.

Good luck, you are still missed in UKIP.

Gregg said...

Thanks for that, very kind.

Thre is something rotten at the heart of UKIP, and I think it is beyond repair.

Best wishes