Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tony Blair: The Turd That Won't Flush Away

I was roused from my slumber this morning to find myself back in a living nightmare that I thought we'd left behind, Tony Blair talking bollocks on the radio. Shit, I must have dreamt his departure and he is still in charge, talking about how perfect he and the 'New Labour Project' were.

Then I thanked God that I heard the word 'were', he must be in the past. I was just in a nightmare after all. Except I wasn't, he was pushing his autobiography on the BBC, the presenter cooing over him in typical sycophantic, arse licking BBC style.

If you buy his book you deserve to have a white hot poker inserted up your Khyber Pass. He will need little encouragement to write the sequel and then we'll have to endure the slimey turd beaming and talking shit over the airwaves yet again, so don't be a prick, don't buy it!

Interesting that his autobiography A Journey translates into Eine Fahrt in German. Quite apt for Blair, the turd we just can't seem to flush away.

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