Tuesday, September 07, 2010

History, Idiots and the Blitz!

The problem with radio phone-ins is that it gives us a chance to hear what a bunch of half wits and idiots inhabit these islands. No wonder we are in the shit. Let's not forget, before I get attacked for unfair generalising, that this is the country that inflicted Blair and New Labour on itself repeatedly from 1997 onwards.

Today has been the commemoration of the London Blitz, when the Germans, yes GERMANS not just a handful of Nazis but thousands of Germans, dropped bombs on London then other cities. My parents lived through the bombing of Manchester and survived, obviously and thankfully.

But no, idiots with an evident lack of historical or moral awareness had to whine on about what happened to Dresden and Leipzig. Sad yes, but today was about London and our cities. Anybody who campares Churchill with Hitler, or our forces with the German forces, is obviously clueless about history, morality and warfare.

Stalin, being a totalitarian despot and protected from public opinion, could send millions of men to their deaths fighting in the traditional way. Our government, on the other hand, knew that 'excessive' British casualties would turn public opinion against the war, and lead to a loss for us and victory for Hitler. We focussed then, on mechanised or total war. We had to do that to stop Hitler.

My pet theory is that Dresden and Leipzig, so late in the war, may have hastened the inevitable end, but there was another reason. The British people had had enough of war and wanted an end. They, unlike Churchill, had no stomach for a fight against Uncle Joe Stalin and a regime that was just as murderous, if not more so, than Hitler's. So we left half of Europe under the Soviet rather than the Nazi jackboot. My theory is that we used Leipzig and Dresden not only to hasten the end of war, but to warn Stalin that we still had the firepower to stop him if he was considering marching any further West towards us.

So if today's moral and historical retards had been around then, we would probably all be speaking German or Russian now and asking what elections are and why we don't have any. There probably wouldn't be any gays, gypsies or Jews around either, let alone Asians, Africans and countless other groups in this country. Not only would there be none here, but millions more would have been slaughtered by Nazi or Soviet death squads.

So well done Bomber Harris and Bomber Command, not to mention those who lived through the Blitz in London and elsewhere. Heroes all.

Now don't get me started on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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JULES said...

Remember the train journey to Warsaw?
10 hours in a carriage listening to how our Polish companians hated Chruchill. They were given up to a regime just as bad as the Nazis after the war but Churchill didn't fight to free them from Stalin.
I do wish todays Pinko Liberals could be shipped off to live under Stalin.