Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vince Cable, The Lib Dems and the Coalition

When I heard that a coalition had been cobbled together after the general election I was concerned. Senior Lib Dems, from Paddy Ashdown to Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes and the rest have that patronising smugness that comes from being in a party for years that has had all the answers, so they think, without ever having power or responsibility. Now they are in power we can all see how totally juvenile and irresponsible they are.

Don't get me wrong, I was surprised that the Telegraph should stoop so low by sending in undercover reporters. But for crying out loud, how long have Cable, Baker and others caught in the sting been involved in politics?  Donkeys years, and the clowns have still not learnt the most basic principle of 'need to know'. It's no use Cable accusing the Telegraph of wrecking the MP-constituent relationship, he was the one who opened his big gob and hearing excerpts of his remarks on the radio, it sounded to me like he did it to sound ever so macho and powerful to impress a couple of young women. Why else would he boast about being able to bring down the government if he so wished? Or that he had declared war on Rupert Murdoch?

Then like all politicians who've been rumbled he (Cable) comes out with the ritual apology. Again what has he apologised for? For what he said or for being found out? The man is obviously an idiot which makes Clegg and Cameron even bigger idiots for making him Business Secretary.

Human life works on networks, family being the primary network. I may criticise members of my family, but woebetide anybody else who does. Then I may criticise friends, but would defend them against others being critical, then I may criticise my party and so on radiating outwards. Cable and his colleagues have broken a fundamental principle. Namely loyalty. Of course we all know that members of the Coalition will not agree 100% with what is done, no group of thinking people ever will. But make your criticism within and constructively, not to giggling girls in an office in Twickenham.

Likewise freedom of speech has a limit, responsibility being the limiting factor. When you join a group, a club, a party, a company or any other group you have a responsibility to it. When speaking on behalf of it you have a responsibility to toe the line. Even when 'off duty' if you are recognisable as part of a group you still have a responsibility to it. Cable and his ilk don't seem to appreciate that, which is why they haven't won power and don't deserve what power they currently have been gifted.

But then again, the Lib Dems are the ones who moved the writ in Oldham East going against the accepted convention that the party previously holding the seat moves the writ. The Lib Dems are the ones who turned the by-election into a joke by holding it on January 13th with Christmas neutralising any serious campaigning.

Talk about holding the electorate in contempt, the Lib Dems are the masters.


Malpoet said...

I agree with Gregg so I don't have much to say about that.

Important questions arise out of the reason for the Oldham by-election. Woolas lied and had his job taken away. The process is questionable, but lying to the electors should be stopped so OK.

That is a problem for the LibDems & the Tories too though isn't it? Honesty in politics is not just about not lying about your opponents. The LibDems were dishonest when they signed pledges to abolish student fees because they were happy to buy votes with lies when they thought they had no hope of power. The Tories knew that Labour debts would need big spending cuts, but they deliberately refused to tell higher tax rate payers that they intended to stop their child allowance.

The by-election date has been rigged to ensure that there cannot be a proper campaign. Never mind the by-election, it is not very important. As Libertarians we must demand that the question of honesty in politics is kept at the top of the agenda.

The truth is that the government has no money and what it spends has been stolen from taxpayers.

The government isn't in debt up to its eyeballs, it is us that they have shackled with enormous future payments for ourselves, our children and grand children. The reason for burdening us in this way is not banks, globalisation or some other fake begeymen. The reason is socialist delusions and the attempt by the desperate and incompetent Brown to buy votes.

Honesty in politics means demanding that all candidates and all representatives at all times are forced to claim or promise nothing more than they can deliver. What is terrible for the big parties is that they can deliver nothing or value. Almost everything they do is detrimental to prosperity, community and well being.

The only purpose for government is to make it possible for its citizens to live their lives free of fear of attack or deprivation of their property. Mostly they fail to achieve this. Whenever the state tries to re-distribute wealth, or change people to suit some bureaucratic plan, it damages the economy and erodes individual freedom. Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Franco are recognised as monsters, but they are just the tip of the iceberg that is state theft of the lives of citizens.

Cable and his mates have been exposed as duplicitous. Woolas lied his way out of his job. Let us now demand real honesty. The big state and wlefarism tries to make children of us all. We need fewer laws, lower taxes, less government and the truth. The government does not control the economy and cannot effectively plan anything.

The job of government is simple laws to keep us safe and rigorous enforcement of them. Get that right and get out of everything else.

Gregg said...

Spot on sir.