Monday, December 27, 2010

Three Cheers for the Bishop of Winchester

It's good to hear the Bishop of Winchester criticising the Human Rights Act for leading to increasing discrimination against Christians. The Telegraph article covering the Bishop's comments also attacked David Cameron:
The critique of the Human Rights Act is likely to fuel the criticism of David Cameron for failing to abide by a pre-election pledge he made to replace the controversial European rules with a home-grown Bill of Rights.
Yet another pre-election promise broken by the Coalition.

The Pope's visit to Britain was a huge success for all of us who are Roman Catholic, but equally heart warming was the hugely positive reaction to the Holy Father by non-catholics and non-believers. Yes there was a tiny minority of anti-Catholic bigots using the paedophile scandal as cover for their anti-christian bigotry, but they were a tiny minority. The church has admitted wrong in that scandal and now has the most stringent systems in place of any organisation in the world to minimise problems like that in the future. Where are the militants with their blanket condemnation of thousands of Catholic priests guilty or not, when paedophiles are exposed in other occupations such as teaching, nursery nursing and many more?

I recently heard interviews with two comedians who were asked why their attacks on religion in their comedy routines only included christianity not others, such as Islam. Their response was that they know about christianity, they know nothing of Islam. That despite one of them, in an earlier interview I'd heard, stating that for his latest stand up show he had had to swot up on christianity and the New Testament to write his material. Obviously can't bother to swot up on Islam and the Koran!

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