Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mail on Sunday and Julian Assange

According to the Mail on Sunday's attack on Julian Assange today I'm a raging lefty. According to that revered organ anybody else who supports him is also a dangerous lefty. I've been called many things in my time but never that, it certainly is a first.

I'm not a dangerous lefty at all, I'm a libertarian or a classical liberal. The WikiLeaks cable releases have merely reinforced my opinion that the state is a monster that plays dangerous games with our lives, lies to us and is ultimately only interested in surviving and expanding. It despises us and I thank Assange and WikiLeaks for exposing the reality. How does that make me a dangerous lefty?

The Mail on Sunday carries a childish attempt to smear Assange claiming he is promiscuous and arrogant. Big deal. It also details the fact that he is wanted in Sweden for refusing to takea test early enough for STDs after allegedly having unprotected sex with two women. Oh no, lock him up!!

What Assange should do is claim political asylum, get a driving ban, go on to kill a little girl then leave the scene of the accident.

Then they try to deny that the persecution of Julian Assange is political.

Visit the Justice for Assange Website.

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