Sunday, December 05, 2010

Interfering Busybodies II

Step forward UK Uncut. A bunch of scummy, self-righteous parasites who think it's clever to terrify shoppers and shop workers because they think companies should pay more tax.

Well why don't you lot do the truly self-righteous thing and volunteer to pay more tax, assuming any of you actually earn anything.

And before any idiots whine about what good use our taxes are put to, remember that the bombs for Iraq, the money going into politicians' back pockets and millions more wasted by the government is your tax money and my tax money.

We have a moral duty to avoid paying tax as best we possibly can, a bit like avoiding a nasty accident or the edge of a cliff.

Taxation is theft.


e.f. bartlam said...

We don't have a lot of protesters to start with, but people don't normally hassle folks...just give 'em a wide berth. It's not out of some love for self-expression. People are just normally too busy minding their own business to care.

That is until you get in their personal space or try to impede their actions...then you'd have some bruised and broken busybodies...especially if they were to get on somebody's property.

Gregg said...

There'd have been some bruised and broken busybodies if I'd been in one of those shops.