Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Russia, Quatar and Football

So now Sepp Blatter, top man at FIFA, suggests that gays who decide to go to the World Cup when it trundles around Quatar shouldn't indulge in sexual activity. He was being frivolous but as it stands homosexuality is illegal in Quatar, as is alcohol, and Israeli passport holders aren't allowed into the place.

Russia has some of the most racist fans in world football, and some of the worst hooligans too. After years of Soviet Socialism it's infrastructure is crumbling and will not be fit to host a tournament of that size in the foreseeable future.

So when the footballing authorities, UEFA and FIFA claim that they want to eradicate racism, homophobia and hooliganism from football remember that FIFA chose Russia and Quatar to host World Cups.

Also remember that the authorities do not acknowledge footballing countries such as Portugal and Holland as being big enough to host international tournaments without bidding jointly with neighbours. Quatar is half the size of Wales with half the population and not a single stadium this stage.

Apart from a trip to Oslo in 2007 to watch Lyn Oslo I haven't watched professional football since 2005 when the Glazers shafted Manchester United. Sky began the corruption with matches moved to Sunday and Monday nights to suit TV and stuff the fans. Prices still soared despite all the TV cash. Atmospheres at grounds faded as corporate areas displaced real fans and so on and so on.

If you want to still pour your hard earned cash into paying misfits like Wayne Rooney over £200,000 a week, and lining the pockets of the stinking businessmen who are bleeding football dry, then so be it. But personally I work too hard to squander my cash on scum.

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