Sunday, December 05, 2010

Interfering Busybodies III

At this time of year lots of worthy causes pop up to appeal for donations. Quite right too. Then there are dodgy outfits such as Manchester homeless charity Barnabus.

Barnabus claim that homeless people will die in Manchester if they do not receive money for at least 30 more beds. This is what Manchester City Council say:

"We do currently have 20 spaces available for rough sleepers in supported housing schemes, and on top of that, we will find spaces in B&Bs and hotels if we need to.

"These are extreme weather conditions but we are confident there is no reason for anyone to sleep rough in Manchester."

Barnabus, screwing you and the homeless!

Unlikely any rough sleepers will read this but, just in case, here is a link to the Manchester City Council Homeless Section.

Personally I'd rather take in a homeless person for Christmas than give a penny to a cowboy outfit like Barnabus.

BBC coverage here. 

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