Monday, December 06, 2010

The Lib Dems

It really does feel like we're in some kind of time warp. An MP found to have a Russian spy working as his assistant. It's just like the good old days of the Cold War. I always thought the Lib Dems were a bit dodgy now we know, their idea of Europe includes 'sleeping partners' from east of the Urals. Mike Hancock even looks like a caricature Lib Dem with his dandruffy beard and linen suits. It seems that colleagues have been concerened for some time about his penchant for employing leggy babes from behind the old Iron Curtain. Of course he denies she's a spy, but she would hardly list 'Russian spy' on her application form would she? Although with equal opportunities nonsense MPs may have to employ a certain ratio of foreign spies.

Hancock has a reputation as a womaniser, a constituent complained about his behaviour in October. He has a special interest in defence matters and a special interest in Russia and his constituency is Portsmouth South. He is a great fan of Vladimir Putin and was introduced to Katia Zatuliveter on a trip to Russia. The security services had already warned a British defence company about her when she applied for a job wth them. It is alleged that she wasn't properly vetted when apponted by Hancock giving her access to secret defence papers. What a bizarre coincidence that a spy would want to work for him!

Then we have Vince Cable having a very public debate with himself over whether or not he will vote in favour of increasing tuition fees. The architect of the change in student funding? Vince Cable.

Personally I wouldn't trust the Lib Dems to run Carnforth Town Council. To have them in government should give us all sleepless nights. With clowns like these in the Coalition I give it another year, maybe eighteen months before it all falls apart and we have another general election.

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