Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nikki Sinclaire MEP versus UKIP

Many congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire on winning her claim against the UK Independence Party on the grounds of Sexual Orientation Discrimination with her claim being described by Employment Judge Harper as 'well founded'. A Remedy Hearing to determine which sanction will be taken will take place on the 29th December 2010.

Ms. Sinclaire claimed her treatment by UKIP was partly due to her refusal to sit in the European Parliament with the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group which shares an allegiance with UKIP due to her misgivings about the 'offensive' ideology of Liga Nord and other extreme right-wing parties in the coalition. She states after her refusal, a campaign of intimidation followed from UKIP members, including Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom which resulted in the whip being removed and her being prevented from standing for the UK Independence Party as a parliamentary candidate in the General Election without any disciplinary procedure. Furthermore, other UKIP MEPs who refused to sit with EFD including Mike Nattrass were still allowed to represent UKIP which she believes is an example of the deep rooted homophobia within the party.

Additionally, Ms. Sinclaire who is openly gay was subjected to discrimination by senior party members such as Godfrey Bloom who labelled her a 'queer'.

The Remedy Hearing will be held at Exeter Employment Tribunal at 10.30am. Nikki states, 'I am extremely pleased with the tribunal’s decision. The treatment I received from UKIP is a sad indictment of how politics in the UK has not kept up in the 21st century. I have as much right as everyone else to express my beliefs and ask others to support my views. I should not have to suffer from such behaviour'.

Nikki is a brave fighter against the European Union and deserves respect not only for that, but for her determination and courage generally. I was her campaign manager in the general election and witnessed the constant hard work and long hours she puts in to her campaigns. Unlike most senior UKIP members Nikki also connects with the electorate who warm to her as soon as they meet her.

As a side effect of this, and other illiberal policies recently adopted by them, I hope UKIP now stop describing themselves as 'libertarian'.

Why not visit Nikki's blog.


Sean O'Hare said...

Perhaps there is an excuse for Godfrey Blooms homophobia. Like me he was born and raised in a era when homosexual practices were illegal. Even after the practice became legal it was tolertated, but still frowned upon and something that the average person in the street would rather not know about. In recent years it has quite literally changed from taboo to almost compulsory. The CoE remains riven in two on the issue.

MikeP said...

Good for Nikki! I hope that UKIP and especially Farage, back off and her leave her be. Though I know from when I met her that she's got way thicker skin than any of those UKIP lizards and she'll shrug off any more smears they throw at her.

As an aside, I'm always ever so slightly suspicious of people who are so openly homophobic. It's almost as if they're trying to compensate for something................

Gregg said...

It really is good news. Nikki has never been for gay sections and other PC nonsense, neither have I.

But if people don't behave in a civilised manner then take whatever action is needed.

One day the dinosaurs will be slayed and action like this, and anti-discrimination legislation, will be unnecessary.

Gregg said...

Sorry Sean, a twat's a twat.

Human beings should treat each other with respect. What people do in their private lives, if it doesn't negatively impact on others, is none of our concern.

If you haven't matured with age then you are no better than Bloom and Farage. Don't blame your past.

The CofE? Well, say no more.

Gregg said...

Thinking about your point again Sean I think the reason people feel that homosexuality is 'almost compulsory' is because of the power of the gay lobby.

I don't know if you saw recently but there are new figures published that suggest the proportion of the population that is homosexual is much less than previously thought. The figure has been exaggerated by militant gay groups to change the law, increase statutory funding etc.

I think it is those groups such as Stonewall, and individuals like Tatchell that turn people aginst gays.

Thankfully Nikki has never played the 'gay card' so, knowing Farage and Bloom quite well, I can imagine how obnoxious they must have been towards her to drive her to take action. Farage is a very dangerous and nasty piece of work, Bloom is just a bloody clown who has also reportedly been barred from more than one Brussels hotel for peeing in plant pots in corridors when 'tired and emotional'.

Sean O'Hare said...


I thoroughly agree with you about Stonewall and Tatchell in particular. I have no beef with LGBT people at all providing they don't promote their "unusualness", especially to our children.

I am sure Nikky felt very uncomfortable in the EFD group and I felt very sorry for her. I am also immensely grateful for her efforts in securing a referendum.

I am also disturbed to read your opinion of Nigel Farage. I do not know him and have never met him. What I do observe is hat his ridiculing of the EU gets good coverage on YouTube due largely to his charisma and eloquence as a speaker compared with Nikki, who doesn't come across very well at all. I don't expect politicians to be nice people, but I don't see the evidence beyond what you and Junius say, that convinces me that he is a "nasty piece of work". Likewise you say Bloom is a clown who gets "tired and emotional". He should therefore fit in well with the circus that is the European Parliament.

It is about time the various factions that comprise the EU resistance buried there differences, buried the hatchet an worked together to get us out of this awful predicament.

Gregg said...

I agree Sean, Farage comes over well on the media. The problem is those who might be described as 'mildly Eurosceptic' find him a spiv after seeing his act two or three times.

There have been too many good people in UKIP, like Roger Knapman, the late Piers Merchant, Nikki and many more either sidelined or driven out as Farage perceived them as threats to his position.

I like Bloom on a very basic level but he is a complete charlatan. In my view, having known Farage for ten years and Bloom for six, is that they are both only in it for the money.

You will see from the ElCom website that despite earning a fortune in slary and allowances Farage has donated zilch to UKIP.

That is the case for the prosecution m'lud!

Gregg said...

Please forgive the grammatical glitches, I'm knackered after a very long week.