Friday, April 01, 2011

When Will Ed Miliband Grow Up?

I was shocked this week when I heard that Ed Miliband had refused to share a platform with Clegg at the launch of the Yes To AV referendum campaign. Why?  Apparently this was his reasoning:
"Let me tell you why - I want to win the AV referendum because I think it is important to reform our politics and I think it will make for a more accountable democracy and one where more votes count. The problem is Nick Clegg is the last thing we need to win this referendum."

Instead he shared the platform with such giants of political life as Caroline Lucas, loony Green MP for Brighton, the often 'tired and emotional' ex-Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy and ex-Labour, ex-SDP currently Lib Dem Baroness Shirl 'The Girl' Williams. I can only assume that Kennedy and Williams also regard Clegg as a liability as they still took to the platform with the NUS leader, oops sorry Labour leader, despite his refusing to share a platform with their leader.

It got me wondering what Miliband would do if, as Prime Minister, yes I know that's a bit too far fetched to believe but indulge me, he was expected to attend the UN on our behalf. Would he refuse to share a platform with the with people whose PR may not help a situation? "Is that (enter name of any number of despots throughout the world who are part of the UN)? I'm off, I'm not sharing a platform with him." For crying out loud Miliband it's not the campus of Nelson and Colne Polytechnic in 1978.

If Miliband thinks his presence will make a yes vote more likely on May 5th then he's on a planet even further away from Earth than I thought he was, quite apt then that he should be happy to share a platform with Lucas, who should concentrate on saving her own planet and leave ours alone. If you're not sure then next time you see Miliband interviewed ask yourself this question: "When in 50 years time they want to put up a statue of a great statesman next to Churchill in Parliament Square, can you imagine them choosing a statue of Miliband?".

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