Thursday, June 11, 2009

Funny Things

Two funny little incidents I've encountered this week.

Driving up the M6 I passed a car, hesitantly heading North, that had a notice in the back window that read:

"I'm Sorry, I'm From Austria."

I couldn't help thinking how fast the two BNP MEPs had got to work.

The second was hearing an Australian journalist commenting on the day of national mourning in Australia, indeed the world, at Gordon Ramsay's Jonafan Woss moment when he referred to a media darling called Tracey Grimshaw as a 'pig'. Can't help thinking 'Tracey Grimshaw' sounds like a barmaid in Coronation Street. But anyway, aforementioned journalist, being very earnest said:

"Referring to her in that way has upset the whole of Australia, even our Prime Minister has voiced his concern. Tracey is one of Australian broadcasting's 'sacred cows'."

Picked the wrong farm animal to liken her to there Gordon.

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