Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian Blogs

No idea what the content is like but I've come across a directory of Iranian blogs. It lists those written in Iran and those written by Iranians abroad.

Directory of Iranian Blogs.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah, but do will still pronounce it "I-ray-nian" or have we all adopted the American ""I-rah-ian", or even worse "Eye-rah-nian"?

Gregg said...

Is it the new scone?

I'm definitely an "I-ray-nian" man, or even "E-ray-nian". If you get my drift!

I had a distant relative who was in an Iranian government, must have been late 60s early 70s. He had to flee the country after a change of govt. He drove all the way here with no problem then got fined on arriving in the UK for having 'dodgy' number plates.

Some things never change, here or there it seems.