Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hypocrites, Dickheads And Frauds

Last night we were discussing politicos, largely because after being involved in politics for 30 years, I still get thoroughly disillusioned and disappointed with politicians, and not just MPs.

Politics seems to attract a higher proportion of dickheads and frauds than any other activity. What I can't decide is whether politics attracts unsavoury types or whether politics just brings out the unsavoury, unattractive element that is there in so many people but is usually dormant. Having said that I would say that the majority of people in politics, the foot soldiers or volunteers, are highly principled but are let down by the professional wings of their parties.

There is certainly a large amount of ego massaging in politics and, being a sociable activity, lots of opportunity to drink to excess and fall for the associated tempatations, especially in the field of sex. It's strange the number of politicos who stray from their spouses, proving them to be untrustworthy to their nearest and dearest, but expect the electorate, meaning you and I, to put our trust in them.

So the following is dedicated to the dickeads and frauds in politics. You know who you are:

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Macheath said...

Hypocrites, Dickheads and Frauds - oh my!
Hypocrites, Dickheads and Frauds - oh my!

Just watch out for the flying monkeys!