Thursday, June 25, 2009

MPs In Denial-Or Just Lying!

Our MPs seem unable to accept the truth or, perhaps more accurately the bloody obvious. Even during the campaign to elect a new speaker Margaret Beckett was making excuses for MPs involved in the expenses scandal. In typical socialist mode she was trying to make the MPs out to be the victims, remember her performance on Question Time?

Now Jon Cruddas is claiming that it is our first past the post voting system that is allowing extremists like the BNP to be elected. In an interview with the Fabian Society he said:

"I always used to think that first past the post choked off the space for extremism, I now think it creates it."

Actually Jon, the BNP were elected under a system of proportional representation, largely because people are sick of the mess the three old parties have made of this country. I know somebody who voted BNP because he thinks the country is overcrowded but is sick of traditional politicians branding anybody who questions immigration 'racist'. He was also sick of traditional politicians telling him not to vote BNP rather than telling him what they have to offer.

So our intellectul pygmies and moral bankrupts in Westminster blame the system for the expenses scandal and now for the BNP getting two MEPs elected. Guess what pygmies? I blame you. It's time the three old parties, and most of our overweening state, were flushed down the toilet and we started all over again.

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