Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nazi Scum!

So, those paragons of virtue and democracy 'Unite Against Fascism' decide that you and I shouldn't be allowed to hear the words of Nick Griffin because he's 'Nazi scum'.

Well I'm more than capable of hearing a politician speak and deciding for myself whether or not he deserves my vote, which I did last Thursday and didn't choose to vote for a bunch of extremists.

What angers me more than a couple of nutters getting elected in a meaningless election, is vermin like the UAF deciding who I should or should not listen to.

It seems to me that BNP and UAF are two sides of the same coin.

Actually, at least the BNP put themselves, and their arguments, up before the British electorate.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Things have come to a pretty pass when we find ourselves criticising the tactics of The Establishment in attacking the BNP. Does that mean we defend the BNP? Nope. Does that me we defend democracy? Yes.

Gregg said...

Precisely Mark.

By the way, a good result for you down there in deepest Essexin the local elections, well done.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Lurch said...

The so-called anti-fascists are generally more fascist than those they call Nazis.

captainff said...

It needs a catchier name, something that forms a memorable acronym.

'part from that it seems like a sound idea .. .. .. I'm in.

captainff said...

Sorry the previous comment I left makes no sense unless you've read the post that MW made .. .. .. my apologies! Can you delete that one and this one? Ta.

Gregg said...

Hello captainff. Welcome.

Yes, and life will be better.