Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mary Seacole

Another gold nugget in the Times Online from Rod Liddle:

Haven’t you heard enough about that gallant nurse from the Crimean war, Mary Seacole? Granted she deserves our respect. But now they are building a big statue of the lady in London. Her place in the school curriculum outweighs the amount of time devoted to Disraeli, Bismarck, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Jules Michelet, Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Gladstone, Clive of India, Queen Victoria andFlorence Nightingale combined.

Your children, if they are educated at a state school, will be able to tell you everything about Ms Seacole, nothing about the rest. I wonder if there was some other mysterious quality she possessed which makes her so compelling? And if I’m right, if it isn’t all a little patronising.

Of course the Sousers have already jumped on that particular bandwagon with that strange kind of inverted racism that the politically correct find thoroughly acceptable:

Mary Seacole House is a mental health drop in day centre primarily for the black and minority ethnic communities of Liverpool 8, although open to all, offering support and advice in emotional and practical matters.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hurray for Mary Seacole. She was black, you know!

Gregg said...

Exactly, worth ten of that bloody Nightingale. White imperialist trash!

Macheath said...

'some other mysterious quality she possessed which makes her so compelling'

I read somewhere that while the blessed Florence ran a strictly moral establishment, Mary Seacole allowed her patients ample quantities of alcohol and turned a blind eye when her nurses indulged in the odd spot of bed-hopping.

Funnily enough, that didn't turn up in my son's history textbook.

Citizen Stuart said...

Sounds better than a modern NHS hospital - do you get that kind of service with BUPA?