Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meanwhile, What About Zimbabwe?

While the world, or at least the West, has become focussed on Iran let's not forget Zimbabwe. Remember that place, over there in Africa?

Just like today with Iran, a few months ago all the bleeding heart liberals were attacking the Zimbabwean government and quite rightly so. The great hero being hyped up by all and sundry was Morgan Tsvangirai, who was going to save Zimbabwe from the evil Mugabe and his cronies.

Well Tsvangirai is now Prime Minister and thinks that all Zimbabwean exiles should return home and work with guess who to build stability and prosperity in that country? Yes, that nice Mr Mugabe.

Unlike the people in this country, who fell for McGuinness, Adams and company joining the Northern Irish government, or people who voted UKIP only to see their MEPs being bought off in Brussels but still voted for them on June 4th, this is how the Zimbabwean exiles in the UK responded to Tsvangirai 'going native':

Now that's the way to do it. The problem with Iran is that while we are full of admiration for the people taking to the streets, from a western perspective would the opposition politicians in Iran be any better in government than what is there now?

Full BBC coverage of Tsvangirai's speech.

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