Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson Jokes

Following the death of Michael Jackson I have received a torrent of jokes by text. I'm not of a delicate disposition so thoroughly enjoyed them, and there was a steady flow to keep me tittering over the weekend and even last night.

I have now discovered a fantastic website that has sick jokes on a whole range of topics, many of which may be regarded as taboo or of particularly poor taste in certain company. I commend to you the following website:


Please note: If you are one of those emotionally incontinent Jackson fans who wails on the telly and builds a shrine do not, under any circumstances, follow the link.

If you are prone to legal action because you are easily upset by something, then please do not follow the link.

If you are a right mardy who is easily offended, then want whatever offended you banned, please do not follow the link.

If you are prone to uncontrollable giggling that makes you feel like you are about to have some kind of fit, then this site is probably for you. But do not blame me if it does tip you into some kind of serious tittering side-effect that involves the calling of para-medics.


Henry North London said...

Sickipedia is so much fun I shouldnt laugh but it is funny

Mark Wadsworth said...

Predictably, the site has crashed due to overload.