Thursday, June 04, 2009

General Election

It seems that Gordon Brown may not be reshuffling so much as shuffling off the political coil. With the deadheads resigning and running for cover he seems to have few people to reshuffle in his cabinet or even to bring in. It really is great fun, it's a bit how I imagine it would feel watching Liverpool, Everton and Manchester City all about to be relegated in one season.

According to the Mail Online even Lady Mandy is trying to defend the PM, which must mean his days are numbered:

"Peter Mandelson has appealed to Labour MPs not to back an attempt to bring down the Prime Minister as Gordon Brown fights to save his premiership. Meanwhile BBC Newsnight reported that the Chief Whip, Nick Brown, had fingered five alleged ringleaders of the plot to oust the Prime Minister".

I bet the five ringleaders didn't enjoy that from Nick Brown either!

I remember the rumpus in the seventies when Labour rule brought the country to its knees, this all feels familiar if quite different, which is typically clueless socialism. This time it looks like we are hurtling towards a very British type of anarchy, a PM who can't get people to join his cabinet!

Surely a general election by October at the latest.

Peter Oborne sums up Brown's plight in an excellent article:

"The truth is that Gordon Brown has been betrayed by those on whom he thought he could rely most closely. The Labour Party's pet newspaper, the Guardian, inflicted one stunning blow when it called yesterday for him to quit".

So Brown's days are numbered and surely even the Labour Party wouldn't be arrogant enought to plonk another unelected PM in Downing Street. So the only thing is to oust Brown and call a general election, with a new leader. According to Labour rebels a new leader could be in position in 23 days.

Only problem is it could be one of the bitches, Blears, Harman, Smith etc. It seems that the coven have been plotting regularly behind Brown's back, they still seem to have the hots for Tony, and the word is that Caroline Flint will kick off today just to add to Gordon's woes.

It's great fun.

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