Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Camp Commandant

If the Village People had taken over a whole country then this photograph would make sense. The construction worker, the highway cop etc. etc., and the dictator of an oil rich Islamic desert state surrounded by 200 Amazonian lady bodyguards. That fella must have had some strange dreams when he was a lad.

Yes, Gaddafi, that uniform could be straight from Carry on Dictating or'Allo 'Allo.

It seems he has pitched his Bedouin tent in a park in Rome on a state visit and demonstrators have plastered the surrounding area with 'No Camping' posters. But you know, I can't help thinking that Gaddafi, despite the dodgy things he's done, is just taking the piss.

He must be laughing his nuts off at the rest of the world and it's great that he is seen here shaking hands with Berlusconi, because I think he is just taking the piss too.

God preserve us from serious politicians like Blair, he gave us Iran and Afghanistan.