Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The British Aristocracy and the Liberal Democrats. Oh yes, and Mandelson

The fact that the leader of the Liberal Democrats thinks Baroness Scotland should not resign, and at least part of his reasoning is because she is black, shows what a total irreleveance and illiberal shower the so-called Liberal Democrats really are. Racism is using a person's colour to treat them differently to people of another colour. The Lib Dem leader is a racist.

Not only is Ms Scotland senior law officer but she played a key part in framing the ludicrous legislation that is so barely workable that even she came a cropper through it. The fact that Clegg is so patronising in his defence of her shows exactly why the Lib Dems can never be trusted anywhere near the reigns of power.

It also indicates a far deeper malais than patronising faux liberals and traditional wreckers in the Labour Party. This government is now infested with the unelected. Brown's pals, appointed to the upper house, now literally lord it over you and me. And to think we have sent troops to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan to enforce democracy while at home the British government is returning us to a 21st century form of feudal serfdom. To top it all the Saxe Coburg Gothas sit atop the pile, watching our freedoms and liberties being destroyed while swanning around playing out some kind of scene from the 18th century as royals there by divine right. How bizarre after 12 years of New Labour arch modernisers, supposedly.

So on to Lady Mandy of Mandelson, 'Lord President of the Council, First Secretary of State, and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills', the kind of title you would expect Peter Sellars to have bore in a film about some imaginary European despotism. But no, it's real, and if you doubt that the title gives Lady Mandy power, remember that he sits on 35 out of 43 cabinet committees, more than any other minister in Brown's government including the Chancellor and Home Secretary. He also has 11 ministers 'under him' (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), which is also more than any other cabinet member.

Including Lady Mandy there are 20 unelected members of Brown's government. So we have 646 elected MPs of which 349 are Labour, but Brown can't find, within their swollen ranks, enough people to man a government. I would suggest we could abolish the unelected House of Lords, reduce the number of MPs and still, with a proper system in place, have more than enough talent to run the whole shebang. Especially when swollen government and the bloated bureaucracy are shrunk to the size that the whole civil service can hold their Christmas party in Whitehall's Banqueting House, from where King Charles I was led out to his execution incidentally.

The unelected aristos riding roughshod over our democracy include the likes of Glenys (Mrs Kinnock), Alan (the crap computer fella) and such as Lord Adonis, Lord Drayson, Lord Carter, Lord Davies etc., etc. What an array of talent!

If you feel sympathetic you might like to visit this website: Republic

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