Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Afghanistan and the European Union

This article in The Times says it all about our presence in Afghanistan. Despite thousands of troops the election was a fraud. So what happens when our troops leave? Nothing at all will have changed is the answer.

Afghanistan isn't worth a single British life and the British politicians who sent them in should be put on trial, Tony Blair first up. Notice his kids haven't joined up, which at least the Saxe Coburg Gothas do.

But which type of democracy are we trying to impose on Afghanistan, the British type or the European Union type. It strikes me that the Afghans are nearer the EU type-if you don't like the result, just have another vote.

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Henry North London said...

Its all a big sham.

Heroin production has increased since 2001 Not decreased.

Its a mess of infinite proportions and its just silly.

204 men have died for absolutely nothing

Its such a shame