Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recession, Recession, Recession

Now I'm no wizard when it comes to economics and government finance. I tend to think that like sociologists and others, economists are just making commonsense difficult at best, or are nothing but soothsayers at worst.

When Margaret Thatcher was around the country was also coming out of a Labour government created economic shambles and all the talk was of Monetarism. At first I thought Monetarism must be some deep and complex economic theory devised over decades by blokes in thinktanks and university economics departments. Then, to my relief I discovered it just meant you can't spend what you haven't got. We can't and the government can't. Well actually we can but we end up with a mountain of personal debt and have our homes reposessed, the government just taxes more and more, bleeding us all dry and borrowing from elsewhere on top until the people realise that socialism is a sham and will kill us all. Then they turn to the Tories. The Tories for God's sake! Now that is rotating dictatorship, frying pan and fire and any othe cliches you care to throw into the mix.

So after Blair's con trick in 1997 we have all, even the most deluded Labour zombie, seen the country slide towards economic disaster and a police state. As a layman I found this article in the Timesonline very intersting.

Talking of party conferences, why not run an office sweep on how many different words for 'cuts' the three old parties come up with at their conferences?

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