Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fascist Britain!

I have the terribly British habit of having a full English cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning while reading the Sunday papers. Now if that sentence offends you, or you think the mention of breakfast, including bacon, might offend muslims then tough shit!

Mrs B and I nearly choked on our Lincolnshire sausage this morning when we read:

Home Office Tells Staff Not To Eat Near Muslims

Just after almost choking on our black pudding reading:

Christians Are Offensive-Prosecute Them

So now causing offence is prosecutable. In that case I'm off to see a solicitor about Gordon Brown, Lady Mandy of Mandelson, Tony Blair, Hazel Blears, Michael "Fat Pig" Moore, Miliband (x2), Margaret Beckett..............

But before you go off on one, assuming us to be Islamophobes, then read the following:

But the guide is now at the centre of a row with Islamic groups who said it was more likely to incite hatred of Muslims than promote understanding.

I do believe in "when in Rome", but suspect that these are two further examples of white, pinko-liberal bollocks rather than real muslims actually taking offence.

If they are muslims then I suggest they piss off to a muslim country and that we all fight to restore freedom of speech in this country, which includes the right to be offensive, and to be offended. But the white pinko-liberals should also clear off to live elsewhere rather than turning the UK into a fascist state.

To put it another way, bloody well grow up!

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Eric Edmond said...

Well said Gregg. Hitler said what he would do in Mein Kampf but the FO either did not read it or believe it. Shahid Malik, a member of Brown's government who is now under investigation for maxing out on his expenses claims lays out the Muslim plans in this Youtube clip:

A Muslim dominated parliament, a Muslim PM with so many InshAllahs I lost count. Watch it!

We better wake up. These people mean what they say just like Hitler did.