Friday, September 18, 2009

Martin Bell

Martin Bell, the posing prat in a white suit, has shown his true colours:

Martin Bell, the former MP and BBC war correspondent, has confirmed he will not stand against Hazel Blears in her Salford constituency.

Mr Bell, who deposed Neil Hamilton in Knutsford in 1997, said it would not be easy to beat the ex-cabinet minister.

He made his announcement at a meeting of about 50 people who want Ms Blears replaced by an independent candidate.

I would say that Blears has done a lot worse than Hamilton, but Bell's mates in the media obviously haven't done as good a hatchet job on that little bitch. It seems the knight in a white suit legs it from a real fight.

I always thought he was a sanctimonious hypocritical turd, making him the ideal man to replace Blears I suppose.

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