Friday, September 25, 2009

Carry On Colonel

The more I see of Gaddafi the more convinced I am that the man is just on one long piss take. It's like he's playing out Carry on Colonel on the world stage.

This week his interpreter passed out during an epic speech to the UN crying: "I can't take any more". Priceless. Aparently Gaddafi had brought the interpreter from Tripoli, rather than using a UN interpreter. I bet they planned it to give us all a giggle.

But it has to be Gaddafi's uniforms, hairstyle and Village Peoplemoustaches and general image that take the biscuit. What kind of fevered sexual imagination does he have when you see his female bodyguards and their 'uniforms'? Here they are in Kiev:

I almost expected Syd James to pop up at one point, with a quick phworr and a comment about her lovely pair of epaulettes.

Then you look at dreary old Gordon Brown.

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