Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TUC and High Heels

I've always thought that trade unions were crammed full of self-important prats lacking a sense of humour but bloated on their sense of importance. The TUC seems to have gone out of their way to prove me right this week by trying to ban high heels at work.

Imagine you are sat in the office bored and lacking motivation. What would perk you up and set you back into work and productivity mode, the lady on the left, or a fat dyke in Doc Marten's?

Yes the attractive lady in feminine attire wins hands down.

So in these days of recession the TUC should be urging all women in the workplace to dress in an inspiring manner, if not for themselves, then to help free their country from recession. It's patriotic!

I stole the photo from a post by guthrum on looking for a voice, it's better than my original photo.

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