Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chris Davies MEP: Another Lib Dem Fraud

What a giggle yesterday hearing an MEP in a rage about politicians' expenses. Yes that's right, a Member of The European Parliament ranting, from the biggest gravy train in the world, about a few MEPs buying gear on expenses, allegedly. What a prat! So that you too can have a laugh at this conman here it is:

But bear in mind this is a man who will have received over £2m in expenses, sorry 'allowances' as if changing the word makes a difference, during his time as an MEP, on top of his salary. It makes me laugh when MEPs look all hurt and say: "No, not us, we receive allowances not expenses". Tell you what then chaps, try robbing a bank and in your defence state: "I wasn't robbing it your honour, it was merely an unauthorised loan". It's all playing with words.

Chris Davies is fond of these false outbursts of righteous indignation, known to people outside politics as stinking hypocrisy. If the expenses scandal had just broken as he was about to make his speech then fair enough, rage, which is spontaneous. But why didn't he expose it before the EU elections in June? Because he was protecting his tribe of politicos, first and foremost, against our tribe, the electorate.

It wasn't spontaneous, it is a smokescren,I can imagine this little toad spending the night before his speech in front of some pimply researcher asking: "Are my nostrils inflamed enough when I shout bastards?" Little researcher responding: "Fine Mr Davies, but could you make your neck bulge a little more?" He was play acting, if he'd been in that kind of rage all these months his heart would have conked out by now, or he'd be in a straightjacket, where he actually does belong.

Bear in mind this was the media whore who intentionally got himself arrested in Stockport by walking into a police station with a tiny piece of cannabis to publicise himself. The man is a misfit.

Also remember this is the man who resigned as leader of the Lib Dems in the EU Parliament prompting this article including the following:

A reader of Jewish News sent him an angry e-mail criticising him for a remark that he made a couple of weeks ago (the whole correspondence is available here) in which he said that after a visit to Auschwitz, he found it difficult to understand why "those whose history is one of such terrible oppression", ie Jews, "appear not to care that they have themselves become oppressors". She criticized him for comparing current Israeli policy to the Holocaust. He replied with a one-line e-mail: "Sounds like racism to me. I hope you enjoying wallowing in your own filth."

The man is a complete lunatic and we should thank the Lib Dems for one thing, safely keeping him out of our way in Brussels. The time to worry is if the loony ever gets to become a commissioner, now they have real power.

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