Monday, September 28, 2009

Chilling Police Tactics at G20

More available at G20 Media

For a long time I have feared for the future of free speech and am still shocked at the lack of public outry when the tactics of the police state are deployed, be it here or in the USA.

Whether we agree with a group of people or not, we should allow them to demonstrate peacefully without being attacked by paramilitary police. That, surely, is the essence of democracy. When people resort to violence, be it state violence or groups attacking political opponents, it is because they have lost the argument.

When the state increasingly resorts to violence and oppressive legislation, we have a duty to fight back.

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Greg L-W. said...


when the state uses force upon citizens and blocks free speech whilst introducing surveillance it is clear the state has failed.

The state and its staff are the servants of the people.

We are increasingly becoming aware that the time is fast approaching for the overthrow of the state - which is so self evident that the EU has set up A Rapid Repression Force, a militaristic EUroPol and cross border seizure of the serfs in vassal regions.

It may well explain why, when Britain sold Heckler & Koch to Turkey it sold it with an order for 27,500 sub machine guns for delivery to the British Police and a side order of 17,500 pump action shotguns was placed with Winchester in America.

You can find details of the original question asked on my behalf by Patrick Nicholls MP and the Governments weasle worded response in Hansard!

A failed State is one that uses force upon its own people and precludes protest and debate - as with a political party that responds with force and bullying to criticism, viz. EUkip.

Greg L-W.