Saturday, September 12, 2009

The New Fascism

So John Denham claims that we are in danger from a new 1930s style fascism. Having seen the early news on TV I thought I could at last agree with him. It showed a small group of white men protesting against the building of another mosque. They may be of dubious political background, that wasn't clear, what I do know is that many people are concerened about militant Islam in the UK and elsewhere.

I then saw a huge group of Muslim men, many hiding their faces with the Pakistani flag, attacking the police and destroying property trying to attack the demonstrators who, by this stage, were being protected by the police.

Many people in this country are concerned at the growth of Islam and its intolerant outlook, not to mention its treatment of women and the dreaded Sharia law. The problem is that political correctness has snuffed out any debate claiming those who question current orthodoxy are 'racist'. Obviously that then leaves the door open to actual racists, such as the BNP.

So I do agree with John Denham. But the fascists currently killing debate and tolerance in this country were elected in 1997.


T Bishop Finger said...

Check out Sean Gabb's latest article, Gregg. It's seems to be only on Vdare's site at the moment.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Thanks for that, will do.