Monday, September 21, 2009

Vile Racism!

On the radio today I heard that a footballer is to be interviewed by police for allegedly making racist remarks to a ballboy at Goodison Park, home of Everton FC, yesterday. My immediate reaction was to wonder why, yet again, soft Everton fans have gone complaining to the police about something. They do seem to have a habit of it.

My feeling is that football should be a man's game, if you are so soft that you can't take a bit of verbal then don't go. Banter is part of the game and letting off steam after a hard week at work is one of the pluses of watching football. Of course Everton being a Liverpool club they probably don't have the pressure of work, but that's another thing.

Let's face it fans give players the most vile abuse at times so, when a player has had enough, let him have a go back and don't go whining about it. I was at Selhurst Park when Eric Cantona did his famous act of retribution. Instead of being rewarded the mardy lardheads at the FA banned him. Outrageous miscarriage of justice that one.

So what was this vile act of racism that so distraught the little Scouse ballboy? Apparently Blackburn's El Hadji Diouf is alleged to have said: "Fuck off white boy!"

Now my reaction would have been to reply: "Fuck off yourself you prick", or something similar. I would have then got on with the rest of my life. But then again Scousers do lack a sense of proportion, as the nation sees whenever a Scouser gets a cold and the whole place goes into grieving mode.

It's nice to know that Scouse plod has no real work to do though. Perhaps Scousers have collectively gone into a state of shock at this evil remark to such an extent that they can't even bring themselves to nick cars, stab any grannies or sell cocaine from an ice cream van any more, but I doubt it.

I've said it before and will say it again, bloody grow up!

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