Tuesday, September 08, 2009

UKIP Implode-Again!

Poor old UKIP. Whenever they appear to have a little bit of success, which the June results were, just about, they implode. That's the problem when a party has no coherent philosophy and its leaders are only interested in 'the gravy train'.

Now Marta Andreasen, former EU accountant has walked:
“I resigned because I disagree with how the party is being managed at the level of the chairmanship,”

No surprise there then!

If still a member, I would be asking for clarification of the following statement by Paul Nuttall:

"Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. I am the party chairman. I get paid to make decisions,” he said. “If those decisions do not work then it is my head on the chopping block.

“Marta and I have different methods of working, however I do not have a problem with Marta and Marta does not have a problem with me.”
Does this mean, as he seems to be saying, that on top of his MEP salary he is also receiving a salary as party chairman? Or is it just poor use of the English language? And despite her statement above, he still claims that Marta Andreasen doesn't have a problem with him. Oh well.

But I suspect there is far worse yet to come out. In the meantime here is the full Times online article.


Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear. Trouble in money grubber paradise!
I wonder whose salary it was proposed to be doubled?

Anonymous said...

Funny how just when UKIP seem to be making progress, another implosion occurs. In fact, implosions seem to occur in UKIP EVERY time time progress is being made.

How jolly strange!

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Sadly all too true.

As for the salary, it seems to me to be the party chairman, from what he has been quoted as saying in The Times. In which case, on top of the MEP salary he receives, he's on a very nice little earner.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

In fairness, reading again, it seems from his quote that the chairman is being paid as chairman, not necessarily having that salary doubled.

But there aren't many people who could have their salaries doubled so it won't take Sherlock Holmes to work it out.

Anonymous said...

But Nuttall was Chairman before becoming an MEP when he was a researcher in Brussels. What was he paid as then? Researcher, Chairman or was he paid both salaries?

The gravy thickens!

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

My understanding was that he was a paid researcher and 'volunteer' chairman. How much time he spent researching is unclear, but I do know that one colleague referred to him as 'all pee and wind'. It seems he never 'came up with the goods' as a researcher in Brussels.

I know that John Whittaker, chairman when I worked for him, was unpaid. So why would the chairmanship suddenly become a paid position, especially when the incumbent is already in a salaried post?