Friday, September 04, 2009

Farewell Farage

He won't be missed but in true Farage style he is stepping down as UKIP's leader for purely selfish and unprincipled reasons.

He claims it is to break with tradition, and convention, to stand against John Bercow at the next general election. Serious parties do not stand against the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Of course it has nothing to do with the inumerable scandals about his private life, his huge expense claims, sorry EU allowances, and where they went. You see, UKIP MEPs won't publish their details when screaming for MPs to do so.

Nothing to do with him squandering UKIP's golden opportunity since the 2004 success in the EU elections.

No Farage is doing it for Farage, either because he genuinely wants to fight Bercow, a battle he will obviously lose, or because there is another pile of manure about to rain down on UKIP, manure around Farage and his antics.

I'd bet on the manure personally if I did bet.

Of course a cynic might say he has secured five more years on the gavy train, his third five year term, so he can have a really, really good time now and just enjoy the fruits of his labour.


A UKIP Member said...

Will you be rejoining UKIP then Gregg? Many of us understand how you couldn't stay while Nigel was party leader.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

No. I came to the conclusion that the whole UKIP strategy was wrong. Having MEPs has lined a few pockets but achieved virtually nothing politically.

UKIP members have only one thing in common, hatred of the EU, beyond that thjere is no common idealogical base. It is a single issue pressure group.

I eventually became tired of the juvenile name calling too. Referring to the EU as the 'EUSSR' etc. does not sound like the language of credible politicians.

Junius said...

Farage jumped before he was pushed.

See my blog 'Junius on UKIP'.

Greg L-W. said...


after the huge damage done by Farage to the UKIP brand I believe that Gregg is right not to rejoin as it does look terminal.

The use of EUSSR is less worrying than its inaccuracy and there is a very big difference between the principles, aims and morality of UKIP and the terminal destruction inflicted as EUkip.

Names in these situations are but shorthand. The villification of private individuals has done EUkip much harm but clearly those with their snouts in the trough are legitimate targets of criticism.

The sport now will be to see which of the castrati will emerge singing Farage's tune - since as before he seized leadership by cheating he will still be in total control of EUkip.

Leader of EUkip in the EU, leader of the new vile EFD Party, leader of the MEPs, leader in control of funding, leader in control of employment and pay, leader of comment on the EU, most prominent PPC, most notable within the Westminster Bubble, employer of the Press Office, leader of funding control, Chairman/leader of The South East region, leader of syphoning money into his campaign in Bucks., etc. etc.

I understand his new puppet will be leader responsible for results in the general election, leader responsible for comment on Tom Wise's probable conviction, leader responsible for managing the results of probable damaging OLAF results, leader with responsibility for handling of the probability of either a huge increase in forfeiture and costs or additional charges pertaining to El.Com., leader of these damaging difficulties and little else!!

I doubt even Gregg's broad shoulders would wish to bear this load!!

Greg L-W.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

The so-called 'reasons' he cites, GE strategy etc., are surely the role of the party chairman. But, as we all know, Nuttall isn't up to the job and Farage would see a competent chairman as a threat.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

The beauty of Farages destruction of UKIP is that, apart from the fact he got rid of anyone with competence in the party, there will now be a period of in-fighting, led by serious money grubbers, to take on a poisoned chalice.And that will be the end for UKIP.

You are right Gregg. For a party to acheive it needs a sound ideological base. Not sure whether the Libertarian party can provide that but who knows.