Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alternative Vote Campaign Is A Joke!

We've just had our leaflet delivered by the Royal Mail on behalf of the Yes to AV campaign, and pretty shabby it is too.

On one side it asks if we are worried about our jobs, then declares that our MP isn't. Well he bloody well should be. And here's why:

1997 General Election-sitting Tory MP lost his seat.
2010 General Election-sitting Labour MP lost her seat.

I think that shows that First Past The Post doesn't automatically give an MP a job for life. By the way, I got thrashed in this constituency when I stood in 2001.

The only other constituency I know well, having grown up there and stood there in 2005 getting thrashed again, is the Manchester Gorton constituency where MP Gerald Kaufman has a job for life. As he got over 50% at the last general election he would have still had a job for life under AV.

The shabby leaflet also claims that AV would have prevented the expenses scandal. No it wouldn't, and it is so obviously a wrong statement it could be construed as misleading.

Perhaps Chris Huhne should sue his own campaign for misleading the electorate.

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