Monday, April 25, 2011

Alternative Vote or Alternative Joke?

Let's face it, if we adopt AV or we don't we will basically be stuck with the same gang of shysters that we have in politics today. AV is a sham which is why the political obsessives, geeks and anoraks are the only ones getting excited about it.

Those paragons of virtue wanting to bring AV to the UK now include a high profile public figure who has won a super injunction to stop anybody talking about his private life. How very open! Then there are Lib Dems threatening legal action against the No campaign for misleading the electorate. That's a bit rich for a party that campaigned in the general election on a platform of opposing everything the Tories stood for, then jumped into bed with them as soon as the election was over. Isn't that called 'conning the elctorate'?

The Lib Dems accusing anybody of misleading the electorate is hilarious to anybody who has ever read a Lib Dem Focus. Probably the dirtiest campaigners in the UK, which is probably why they can sniff out the slightest questionable claim in the campaigns of others, they are the masters when it comes to misleading.

Then you have Miliband claiming AV would be a 'triumph of hope over fear'. How misleading is that? 'Triumph of hope over fear'? It's bloody AV not the defeat of evil! Call the lawyers Messrs Clegg, Huhne and Cable. Oh no, that ludicrous claim is from your own side. That's OK then isn't it?

The whole campaign for AV is a bad joke, and I'm pleased that every single person I have spoken to in the last week has either used their postal vote to say No, or is planning to do so at the polling booth.


Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

I will be voting yes to AV. I agree that the yes campaign has been rubbish.

I think AV counters the vote splitting that FPTP generates. Duverger's law & so on.

I believe that affording voters in safe constituencies a choice between the type of left or right winger they want might have curbed some of the abuses we have seen in recent years.

Gregg said...

Obvious nonsense. You just think it will give UKIP a peg up, which it actually won't.

Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Actually the example I usually think of is the Iraq War. I think that Blair knew his own party couldn't really oppose it w/o splitting the vote. Blair knew that going into Iraq wouldn't lose votes to the Tories however it played out. I think AV would have made participation in Iraq a far greater electoral gamble.

Gregg said...

What absolute tosh. Retreating into fantasy seems to be a characteristic of the supporters of AV. Quite sad really.