Monday, April 11, 2011

Cameron the Wimp

There are squaddies in various unsavoury parts of the world putting their lives on the line for God only knows what. But this weekend all we've seen are pictures of the grinning clown currently masquerading as Prime Minister walking around in shorts, holding his wife's hand, grinning like some kind of half wit on a mini break in Spain. He's even ensured we all know he flew with Ryanair. Well what a prat, I wouldn't fly Ryanair if I was on the PM's salary.

It's now less than a month to the local elections. I've stood in countless local elections and the last thing you ever do is swan off for a break in April when the elections are at the beginning of May, it's far too busy. Obviously Cameron doesn't care about his local candidates, all volunteers by the way, otherwise he'd have been here campaigning on their behalf.

In Cameron's case he has sent forces to bomb Libya, is supposedly trying to sort out the financial mess, is humming and aaghing about NHS reform and is supposedly campaigning against AV. So what the hell kind of a leader clears off to Spain for a break with all this going on?

The man's a wimp and every time he pulls a stunt such as this, to make him appear like he's just one of us, the more I despise him.

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