Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Rule For You-After The Fire

In 1979 I was spending a particularly idle year as a student in Northampton. I really took to student life, well the social side af it anyway, but couldn't face three years of left-wing indoctrination masquerading as teacher training.

One thing that I always remember about that year was meeting some great people and getting to lots of United away games, Northampton being perfectly positioned for travel throughout England. Another thing was drinking some fine real ale, in fact drinking far too much fine real ale. But most importantly was seeing some fantastic bands at the college. UK Subs, The Pretenders, Fischer Z and many more. Bauhaus were a local band and we used to watch them rehearsing at the college as well as doing regular concerts there.

But one band I particularly remember were After The Fire, and I remember as if yesterday the first time I heard One Rule For You. So, as I can't think of anything profound to rattle on about, here are After The Fire:

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Jim said...

Never heard of them, but they're just they thing I love - a bit of early 80s guitars and synths. Cheers!!