Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vince Cable and Coalition Doomsday-Part II

The real opposition to the current government seems to be led by Vince Cable. This is odd as he is a Secretary of State, part of the government. But it shows what an unprincipled, grandstanding and morally bankrupt man he is. He's happy to take the salary of a minister but none of the responsibility. You don't join a government then constantly snipe from the sidelines. Resign then attack, that's the way of a man of principle. Cable is in the same mould as that disgusting blob of withering human flesh Edward 'Red Ted' Heath was, he was the supreme Judas of twentieth century British politics, Cable seems to be the man for the twenty first century.

But even more worrying is why Cameron and Clegg allow this misfit to carry on in government with his constant juvenile griping. Do they have a single leadership skill between them? Today he is attacking Cameron for wanting a sensible level of immigration. Very wise in my view as any country only has the infrastructure and resources to support a certain number of people, it needs controlling.

Cable thinks this is "unwise", that it will "risk inflaming extremism" and that Cameron is electioneering ahead of May 5th. For your information Cable it is your ostrich impersonation on the immigration issue that fuels extremism you clown. Do you think nutters like the BNP will take to the streets because of limited immigration? Because there aren't enough immigrants to moan about? No, real people, decent people have genuine concerns about the impact of mass immigration and it is not racist to have those concerns. A tiny minority support the BNP and I suggest that this is because they see the mainstream politicians, such as Cable, ignoring the bleedin' obvious and branding them racist for daring to question the wisdom of mass, uncontrolled immigration as we had under Labour for seventeen years.

The Lib Dems are heading for meltdown on May 5th, which will sound the death knell for the Coalition. Cable is the one who is electioneering. He is positioning himself to lead the rump of what's left of the Lib Dems when they are wiped out in the upcoming general election. He's the perfect leader for a party that lacks conviction or principle and would sell its granny for a few votes. I suspect the public want neither the Lib Dems nor Vince Cable.

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