Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cameron's Disgraceful Attack on Oxford University

Every day David Cameron seems to go out of his way to alienate people. The man is such a liability that when the Coalition crumbles and we face another general election, I can see Milibandroid, Geek of the Year, ending up scraping into Downing Street. Because after the May elections, when the Lib Dems will be wiped out, I can see the Lib Dem rats in parliament jumping ship to try and save their jobs, thus precipitating the next general election.

Cameron's latest outburst is an attack on Oxford University for not having enough black students. I wonder when he'll attack the British Olympic squad as "disgraceful" for having a massively disproportionate number of black athletes? Did he campaign to have more students admitted from ethnic minorities, northern mill towns and broken homes when he studied there I wonder?

A few years ago, when Manchester City Council were positively discriminating in favour of ethnic minority job applicants I knew a girl who worked there, she had an Indian father and Irish mother. She was offered promotion but instead applied for and got a job in another authority. She didn't want a job she felt she had only got because of  her ethnic background. In reality she was excellent and was offered promotion on merit, but that's how she felt thanks to their social engneering. Cameron's views offend just about everybody.

It seems that Cameron has spent so much time cosying up to Clegg that he has caught social democracy, although I suspect he's had it for many years, it just lay dormant until May 2010. Politicians are politicians, when they or anyody else get involved in social engineering you have disaster. Just look at Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Communist China, the ultimate social engineering experiments.

Of course we are nowhere near totalitarianism, but comments such as this from people like Cameron are extremely dangerous, alienate natural conservatives from the Conservative Party and do more to push people towards extremists than any amount of BNP or other extremist parties' literature.

If Tories wonder why they couldn't win a general election against a walking, talking disaster like Gordon Brown then they need look no further than their leader, David Cameron.

Full story from the Telegraph.

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