Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ed Miliband, Vince Cable and the Alternative Vote

The best thing the Labour Party can do is lock Ed Miliband away from the public. He's like some kind of latter day Frankenstein's monster who has escaped from the laboratory and somehow been elected leader of a political party, it says a lot about the Labour Party.

Then Vince Cable joins him on the platform to ask us to vote for the Alternative Vote in May. The two people least likely to convince sane people to vote one way or another are Miliband and Cable. Cable the unprincipled back stabber taking to the platform that Miliband who, like a first year PPE student, refuses to share a platform with Clegg, leader of Cable's Lib Dems. Backstabber Cable does it again. I'd have more respect for the Lib Dems if they told Miliband to grow up rather than cosy up to him, but I suppose Cable wants to grandstand and boost his ego every chance he gets.

And the big one. Miliband waffles that a vote for AV would be a truiumph for "hope over fear". For God's sake man, it's tinkering with the electoral system, not fighting Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. With a sense of perspective like that we can only pray that Miliband never ends up in Downing Street.

Ironically it was the childish nature of the Yes campaign that persuaded me to vote No, after strongly supporting AV initially. Miliband has just underlined the juvenile nature of the Yes campaign which is why support for the Yes campaign is crashing.


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with this issue Gregg - every time I make a choice, one of these clowns pops up to support it, and it turns me the other way.

Total indifference, I'm afraid.

Gregg said...

As well the Yes campaign, whose emails I've been receiving regularly, seem unable to promote the positives of AV because it's a very difficult thing to sell.

Why would MPs work harder? Why might the expenses scandal not have happened under AV? Why should I vote second, third or fourth for parties I don't support? In the end doesn't it just mean that the least unpopular candidate wins?

None of the qustions I have raised have been answered.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Why should I vote second, third or fourth for parties I don't support?"

Nobody's asking you to, you can either not vote at all, vote for just one candidate or rank as many candidates as you like in order.

Gregg said...

I know that Mark, I'm not dumb and posted a simple explanation of AV some time ago.

So other peoples' votes obviously carry more weight than my one? Is that democratic?

Peter Metcalfe said...

Ultimately, it matters not whether you vote yes or no. We still get the same corrupt muppets standing for the same corrupt parties , only interested in lining their own pockets.

Gregg said...

True Peter, AV is a complete botch. It does everything the Yes campaign says it will stop, as I said in my post. The only people who seem to be in favour are political anoraks and geeks.