Thursday, April 28, 2011

Political Correctness, 'Isms' and 'Phobias'

I've been really busy lately so have been playing catch up on the news, blogging and other stuff. So yesterday I heard about David Cameron being in the doodies about some evil remark he had made at PM's questions in the House of Commons. First chance I got I tried to find out what evil he had directed at a Labour politician.

He must have told her, yes it was a 'sexist' remark, that she was too ugly and should sit down and keep quiet. Maybe he told her to leave the politics to the men and go and put the kettle on. Maybe he was terribly personal about her figure. But no! He nicked a hackneyed old phrase from Michael Winner and said: "Calm down dear". Well, that's it, after the Royal Wedding hold back the crowds for an hour while we set up the gallows then publicly hang the Prime Minister.

Of course in true socialist style the Labour Party have gone into overdrive. It's good to see their sense of perspective is intact. They bankrupted the country, started bombing the crap out of Afghanistan and Iraq, allowed millions into the country with their policy of unlimited immigration, allowed Islamist nutters to peddle their evil in British Mosques but no, they get all excited about "calm down dear". What a bunch of brain dead pillocks!

Personally I immediately switch off when I hear somebody accused of an 'ism' or a 'phobia'. It's probably some PC loony trying to crush free speech. Don't approve of Elton John buying a baby? Homophobe! Don't approve of wimmin refereeing football games? Sexist! Want immigration control? Racist! Don't like Labour? Pratophobe!

I think I must be an 'ismophobe'!

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