Saturday, April 02, 2011

Yes2AV Launch

It seems that the Yes2AV launch is happening today ahead of the referendum in May. Of course it involves Eddie Izzard, fast becoming the latest luvvy darling mascot of the Labour Party. It seems that the Gallagher brothers are bored now and are playing something else, or maybe they threw their toys out when their pal Blair moved out of Downing Street.

What I find amusing is that the luvvies are lining up to launch their latest fad claiming it to be a politician free campaign. Really? Well what was the campaign launched earlier this week by the Milibandroid, Caroline Lucas, Shirley Williams and Charles "Pass the Bottle" Kennedy? It was the Yes2AV campaign. No doubt they will claim to be two seperate campaigns but I doubt it. It is just the kind of childish posturing that made me question the Yes campaign, then the AV system itself. I've been getting info from Yes2AV for some time and it has actually led me to decide not to vote for AV in May.

The majority of AV supporters seem to me to be jvenile activists upset that they don't seem to be getting what they want under the current system. So the answer to them is to change the system. I came to regard AV as the same as the football abuse at the height of political correctness. The system whereby if one kids' football team went two goals up they had to lose a player to give the other side a chance. Much better to just accept you're crap at football and get on with it or try something else. A bit like Eddie Izzard, a crap comedian so he's now decided to become a crap politico.

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