Friday, April 22, 2011

Guild of Catholic Bloggers

The following post is taken from the blog A Reluctant Sinner. I'm looking forward to being there on May 7th and I'm sure there will be a good attendance to launch an exciting project.

From all the responses and emails I've now received in connection with Monday's post (A Guild of Catholic Bloggers - what do you think?), it seems that the launching of a Guild of Catholic Bloggers might actually be a realistic possibility! There appears to be a need for some sort of mutual aid society for those Catholics (including Anglo-Catholics) who use the new media to converse with the world.

Catholic bloggers are now leading the way when it comes to on-line evangelisation, promotion of the faith and apologetics - so it is probably important for us to be able to meet other bloggers in person, discuss ideas over meals or at workshops, and worship together every now and again. It would also be good for us to be inspired by spiritual conferences, invite priests or bishops to address us, and encourage one another face-to-face (blogging, after all, can be a lonely affair!)

Seeing that many of you have offered to help set up a Guild of Catholic Bloggers, I have now booked a place in central London for the purpose of holding an informal meeting with the view of electing temporary officers and drawing up a constitution. So, if any of you are free on Saturday 7 May from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, you would be most welcome to join me at the Hinsley Room next to Westminster Cathedral. As some of you know, the Hinsley Room is a stand-alone building behind St Paul's Bookshop and St Vincent's School - on Morpeth Terrace. I will be there from 1:00pm, and you will be able to bring sandwiches / packed-lunches with you - the tea and coffee will be on me!

It would be great if as many Catholic bloggers, twitterers, Facebookers, and friends / blog followers were able to attend this meeting, so that plans for any potential Guild of Catholic Bloggers may be drawn up. From my previous post, you will have noticed that some very useful suggestions have already been proposed. On Saturday 7 May, it might be possible to gather these ideas into a comprehensive constitution - no more than a page! It is hoped that we might also be able to elect a temporary chairman, secretary and treasurer - to deal with the day-to-day practicalities of launching such a lay association. (I am hopeless at such things - so am looking for volunteers!).

Some of the things that will need discussing include: -
1. Membership (cost, conditions, etc)
2. Officers (terms, functions, etc)
3. Purpose and aims (to strengthen the faith and aid the spirituality of Catholic bloggers)
4. Events (Work-shops, retreats, pilgrimages, etc)
5. AGM and Annual Mass, etc
I am sure that there will be more items on the day's agenda, once other bloggers have thought of things to add!

So, if you happen to be in central London, or are able to come to Westminster Cathedral, on Saturday 7 May, then please let me know - either in the Comments section or by email (below)! Also, please do pass this on to other bloggers and twitterers (twitterati?). The more, the merrier!

PS - Those able to get to the Cathedral early might wish to attend the 10:30am or 12:30pm Masses before the meeting.


Stuart said...

Does this post mean that you're gonna go.

I am and I'd love to meet up with you.

I'm getting there for the 10.30 mass and Reluctant Sinner's gonna show me round the Cathedral.

Here's hoping.

Gregg said...

Trying to sort something out Stuart. Would love to be there.

Stuart said...


Rosie said...

Should the title not be 'Guilt of Catholic Bloggers'? :-)

Gregg said...

Now, now Rosie, don't be cheeky!!

Catholic Bloggers said...

If you happen to be in Rome on May 2nd, please come and meet Catholic Bloggers from all the world. More info on

Gregg said...

If only, I would love to be there. Many thanks for letting me know.